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Inner doors

Sobna vrata

Inner doors from our program are available in 7 different colors and wood imitations.


They have the following technical characteristics:

  • A door leaf is 44 mm thick made of MDF high-density and high-durability panels with reinforced fitting, and finally coated with decorative laminate sheets. The standard leaf dimensions are: 645, 745, 845, 945 mm and 2000 mm altitude.

Massive door jambs in three layers are made of slatted wood with construction depth ranging from 107 to 280 mm.

The precise execution and massive profiles make a perfect hinge available in three variants.

The three-layer frame or jamb is 42 mm thick, depth ranging from 107 to 280mm. The outer layers are made of MDF panels, the middle layer is made of slatted wood which makes this frame very strong which is necessary for quality angle joining and stable position of fitting attached to it.